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Marapfhile's Ramblings
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Monday, November 26th, 2012
9:49 pm
Mona Patricia Tilden Davies, 1928–2012

Mona Patricia Tilden Davies, 1928–2012. R.I.P.

Goodbye, Grammy.

Grammy with Margaret, David, and Dan

Current Mood: sad
Sunday, November 11th, 2012
10:59 pm

Hey everybody, I’m hosting a housefilk at my apartment the evening of Sunday, November 18th, from noon to 5:00pm.

The location is 100 Christopher Columbus Dr., Jersey City, NJ, just outside the Grove St. stop on the PATH train.

If you’re interested, RSVP to me by LJ message or at agd12@columbia.edu to get the apartment number and my contact info.

If you want to bring a pot luck dish or beverage that would be lovely, but please, no fish. (The host is severely allergic.)

And yes, because I’m lazy, this post is almost entirely cut-and-pasted from my announcement of the Heather Dale concert I hosted last year.

Current Mood: anticipatory
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
1:08 am
I'm Going Away to Ireland Soon…
I'm headed off to Ireland this evening for a three-day conference outside Dublin, then a weekend hanging around downtown on my own. Look for pix on my flickr when I get back!

Current Mood: anticipatory
Saturday, October 29th, 2011
3:23 pm
Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
8:46 pm
House Concert!

Hey everybody, I'm hosting a house concert by Heather Dale, awesome Celtic and folk musician and winner of three Pegasus Awards, at my apartment the evening of November 15th. Doors open at 6:00; showtime is 7:00.

You can hear some of Heather's music at her website or on her YouTube channel.

The location is 100 Christopher Columbus Dr., Jersey City, NJ, just outside the Grove St. stop on the PATH train.

If you're interested, RSVP to me by LJ message or at agd12@columbia.edu to get the apartment number. I'm asking for a suggested donation of $10 to $15, which will go to help Heather cover road expenses and enable them to keep doing concerts like this.

If you want to bring a pot luck dish or beverage that would be lovely, but please, no fish. (The host is severely allergic.)

Heather Dale Færie Tales Banner

Current Mood: anticipatory
Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
10:52 pm
Steve Jobs, RIP
(Crossposted from my comment on facebook.)

My first computer was a Mac Plus, and I've been Mac-only ever since. While I was too new to the scene (I was in second grade when we got that Plus) to fully understand why so many people were so excited when Steve returned in ’96, I saw the impact almost immediately--by the time I was out of college, iMacs, iBooks, and iPods were everywhere, OS X was widely admired, and Apple was well its way to taking over the culture.

The years since have seen me purchase three Macs, two iPhones, two iPads, an Apple TV, and so many iPods I've lost count, and every one of them made my life a little better, a little more enjoyable, in a way that I'm sure they would never have been able to do had Steve not been in charge.

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for taking so much of my money, and improving so much of my life.

Current Mood: sad
Monday, August 1st, 2011
11:38 pm
Lies, Damned Lies, and Error Messages
At least one of these statements is false.
disconnected connection

Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
12:13 am
eclipse pix

My eclipse pics (dumped straight from the camera since I'm too lazy to pick out the good ones).

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, December 12th, 2010
12:29 pm
12:12 pm
The Two Things About Programming

Here's my candidate for the two things about programming (inspired by a ycombinator comment via apenwarr):

  1. Like every other significant field of human endeavor, programming is fundamentally unlike anything that came before it.
  2. It became the bottleneck in human progress much faster than any of the others.

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, August 20th, 2010
10:04 am
Dream Diary: Surrealists and Giraffes!
This morning I dreamed I was playing with legos at a toy store after work, try to build a model. Then the actor who plays House showed up, only it wasn't Hugh Laurie, it was Brendan Fraser or Kevin Sorbo or someone. We hung out for a while while a documentary on him played on TV, then he climbed a shelf to hang from the ceiling and draw a flamingo there. He challenged me to do the same thing, but I woke up before I could try.

Current Mood: amused
Friday, February 12th, 2010
8:18 pm
For Future Reference
The bottles 1,000,000 Scoville "hot sauce" comes in are glass, and remarkably fragile.

Current Mood: aggravated
Monday, October 26th, 2009
11:54 pm
In medias freakin‘ res
Is anybody else getting really tired of TV shows that start out with some confusing disaster scene, then jump back with a "X hours ago" (or days, or whatever)? The technique was old and busted when Homer used it, can we please come up with something else?

Current Mood: annoyed
Friday, September 25th, 2009
10:52 am
Suddenly, Pix!
I went on a quick trip to Kukup, a nearby village in Malaysia, this past weekend, with some friends. The pictures are now up on my Flickr account. Enjoy!

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
1:45 pm
Fixing Mac Mail Folder Sort Order

Mac Mail (AKA Mail.app) has a distressing tendency to delete the mailbox cache of IMAP accounts when certain network operations are interrupted. Since preferred sorting column and direction are stored in plist files in this cache, that means that all folders reset to be sorted by date, ascending, which drives me nuts. After the latest such event, I finally sat down and figured out how to fix this automatically, in bulk:

% for f in ~/Library/Mail/**/Info.plist; do {
 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Delete :DisplayInThreadedMode' $f;
 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Delete :SearchSortDescending' $f;
 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Delete :SearchSortOrder' $f;
 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Delete :SortOrder' $f;
 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Delete :SortedDescending' $f; } > /dev/null
 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Add :DisplayInThreadedMode string no' $f;
 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Add :SearchSortDescending string YES' $f;
 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Add :SearchSortOrder string rank' $f;
 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Add :SortOrder string received-date' $f;
 /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c 'Add :SortedDescending string YES' $f;

This should have the same effect as wiping out all the plists, allowing Mail to regenerate them in their default state, and then going through and manually changing every folder to sort by date, descending.

(And yes, there are probably better, or at least more concise, ways to code the script, but this was the easiest to write, and shell arrays suck.)

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
12:04 am
Fuzzy Pix of Fuzzy Music
Just got back from the Singapore edition of the current Nine Inch Nails tour. Pix here; note that the iPhone is not the best camera for these conditions.

Current Mood: happy
Monday, August 10th, 2009
1:51 am
Wolf and Short-Selling
In season 2, episode 4, our hero invents the commodity future contract. Coming in season three, Wolf and the Credit Default Swap?

Current Mood: amused
Monday, July 27th, 2009
9:59 pm
Overweight At Last
Today's post-workout weigh-in: 185 pounds (or as the scale actually read in these foreign parts, 84.0 kg). Why is this number significant? 185*703/66^2=29.9: this is my first time with a BMI under thirty in, most likely, about ten years.

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, June 8th, 2009
3:07 pm
Suddenly, Pix!
The Angkor Wat pictures are now up at flickr. Enjoy!

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, June 4th, 2009
9:17 pm
A New Law
Clarke-Hanlon-Godwin: Any sufficiently advanced incompetence will inevitably be compared to Nazism (inspired by the latest App Store shenanigans).

Current Mood: resigned
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